The beating heart of content marketing; SEO

Since the advent of the Internet and the popularity of online shopping, people first search in search engines and choose their product through the results that have a superior rating. Content marketing first emerged in the mid-1990s.

At that time, the only Google algorithms were the continuous and artificial repetition of keywords (Keyword Stuffing), which was used to get the right rank in the results list, so SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was in the early stages of its evolution, but today it is complex. Google’s SEO algorithms have also been updated, and although the future is uncertain for search engine algorithm changes, SEO moves along a parallel line with Google’s changes.

The impact of SEO in recent years has significantly increased the amount of investment in this tool. In 2020, the amount of investment in SEO was announced to be 80 billion dollars, while this number was 69 billion in 2017. Therefore, it can be seen that the impact of SEO on businesses is greater every day than yesterday.

Keep pace with Google’s complex algorithms

SEO or search engine optimization means knowing exactly what the user is searching for and guiding him in the same direction to reach the desired content. But how the target audience chooses our content among the multitude of similar information that can be found in search engines is the main issue that SEO can answer because most users usually choose one of the 4 results suggested on the first page.

A catalyst of vision and visits

Like a catalyst, SEO helps the growth of site visitors, something that may not happen by itself after a long time, it is possible with SEO. Although various digital marketing tools such as banner ads, Google Ads, email marketing, and… They are important, but a business needs a consistent method to grow its audience in the long run.

Today’s visitors, tomorrow’s customers

In a field where competitors are always outdoing each other, it is necessary to move calculatedly. When website traffic increases and visitors recognize the site as a reliable authority that publishes first-hand and pure content, they will visit the site again, and this traffic will make the site move parallel to Google’s algorithms and its ranking will be high. go to be included in the initial offers and this trust-building will make today’s visitors turn into tomorrow’s customers. Also, the duration of the audience staying on the site and not leaving it early is another indicator that helps this goal.

Be seen; A way to return investment

A business must spend a lot of money to be seen, such as printing costs, brochure design, business cards, advertising posters, or marketing, but it is better to focus on a logical and long-term increase in website traffic because when a business is SEO content, it is the first category. It costs money, visitors increase, as a result, the potential audience becomes actual and finally the capital returns to the business in a calculated time. Therefore, SEO can be used as a tool to determine the rate of return on investment and a method to store information to plan the next steps.

Black and White Hat

In order for the SEO process to be done well, it is necessary to use different types of up-to-date methods that are in accordance with the algorithms of search engines, so trusting a team that works professionally and is up-to-date in this field is a basic condition. Because only using SEO is not enough, it is important to use it professionally and correctly.

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