Digital marketing or oxygen? The problem is this!

Every business seeks to present its products and make its voice heard by its target audience. If in the past, the representatives of brands were only heard on TV and radio or they saw its introduction on billboards and newspapers, in today’s world, the Internet and the digital space, in general, are added to it and emerge from previous tools.

Every business seeks to present its products and make its voice heard by its target audience. If in the past, the voice of brands was only heard on TV and radio or seen on billboards and newspapers, in today’s world of the Internet and the digital space in general, it is added to it and emerges from previous tools. The power of the digital space has reached such a level that it can be said that it is similar to the breathing and survival of a business in society. Because when they are your audience, they are unaware of you and have no connection with them, as if you are not there.

Usually, 10 to 50 percent of the budget is allocated to digital marketing because cyberspace users increase yearly compared to last year. 91% of the world’s population have mobile phones, of which 83% are phones, and the total number of cyberspace users has reached four billion and 15 million people in 2021. According to the official statistics, there are three Facebook users. The number of Instagram users reached 1.74 billion in 2021, compared to 1 billion in 2020. Twitter had 322 million users in 2021, compared to 229 million in 2022. . . Therefore, we see that the world is moving to the digital space.

To be or not to be? Absence is equal to not existing!

These days, when people spend most of their time online or look to search engines as the first way to answer their questions, cyberspace can be an opportunity for businesses to become the only brands that most people see. exist in this context. are recognized, even if that business is small. In fact, the virtual space makes it possible for small businesses to make their brand known to everyone, which was out of the question for doing a small business until a little while ago. Therefore, being in the digital space means being in the world among people!

Potential or actual audience? Here is a helper to help me

Since the digital world transforms the market into two spaces, offline and online, the internal brand model has changed. In this model, it creates a long-term relationship with the audience. It means turning potential audiences into primary audiences. Therefore, it is possible to obtain correct and accurate information about the audience, which was used to determine a more precise strategy for evaluation. In fact, finding the persona of the audience and their digital behaviors are among the things that help businesses in the digital virtual space to act better and more purposefully.

Digital village or the whole world?

The green path of any business to achieve success depends on the knowledge of digital marketing because it is a condition that can be provided to provide services to customers permanently and 24 hours a day, every hour it is answered, reducing costs. did and provides the product or service to the customers in the shortest time.

With digital boards, I can send my voice everywhere on the planet and distance myself from the competition with increasing speed. Because with the digital village, there is a permanent relationship with the audience, which will be like a thick thread between the brand and the audience.

Flower or dove?

Under the hood of the digital brand

A digital brand is an example of a hat under which there are various tools for living in the digital space.

With the help of tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords, banner ads, Nito Ads, mobile marketing, video marketing, email marketing, social marketing, marketing, SEO, and general tools that exist in digital media, I can achieve different signs. This can be in the field of communication, marketing, or technical. For example, one of the goals can be sales. With the help of these tools, it is possible to help grow sales and give direction with a stronger presence of the brand in the digital space.

The right path depends on the right strategy

The use of various digital marketing tools depends on the fact that strategies are prepared with accurate information and efficiency for the business in order to reach the goal at a lower cost. In fact, without trial and error and going through different paths, by choosing a team with up-to-date knowledge, you can open all tools for selection in the digital space.

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